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Kitchen Cabinet Painting

If you want to update your cabinets we can help. We can refinish your cabinets for a fraction of the cost of replacement. Whether you just want to refresh the existing look, or create a whole new one, we will talk through your options and offer you a competitive quote to carry out the work. We use specialist equipment and techniques to achieve a long lasting and professional finish,backed by a three year warranty. 

Brand New Kitchen

The Process


The most important part of any painting project is the prep work. We carefully remove and label all of your doors, before removing hinges and door hardware and thoroughly cleaning and degreasing them. We extensively sand the existing surface material to provide a sound surface for the new coating.



When previously stained doors are being painted we will always prime with an oil or shellac based primer to prevent tannin bleed through. This is an important step, and one that is not understood by all painters. Without the correct primer there is a strong risk of bleed through, which will result in an overall yellowing or staining of the finish paint, especially noticeable when using lighter colors.


We spray all doors and removable panels off site, in order to minimize disruption to your living space. The cabinet frames are carefully sanded and cleaned in place, with careful attention being paid to masking and covering floors, countertops and door openings. We do our best to cover this part of the process as efficiently as possible so as to reduce the time your kitchen is out of commission.


Finish and Warranty

Once the doors are finished we return them and re-hang, re-fitting all hardware and re-aligning hinges.

At this point your kitchen is ready for use. We will remove and dispose of any leftover material, and label any left over paint and leave it with you should you need it for future reference. Your kitchen is warrantied for 3 years from finish date. In the unlikely event that you have any issues you should contact us immediately so that we may resolve it. 

KCMA certified coatings

We use KCMA certified finish coatings to provide maximum durability and longevity.

KCMA stands for Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association. The KCMA puts kitchen cabinets through several tests to see how they withstand thorough household use. The statement below is taken directly from the KCMA website. 


'All materials used in cabinets must be suitable for use in the kitchen and bath environment where they may be exposed to grease, solvents, water, detergent, steam and other substances usually found in these rooms'

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